Welfare of Patients, their Families and the Community

Main Focus

  • Provision of financial support to the low income families of selected districts
  • Establishment of the National Kidney Fund
  • Self Employment Projects to single parent families of deceased kidney patients
  • Education scholar ships to Advanced Level Students of Families whose parents have died of the disease.
  • Foster Parent schemes to the children of kidney patients
  • Provision of housing facilities to low income families affected by the disease
  • Strengthening of home economy of kidney patients
  • Provision of Psychosocial counseling
  • Provision of Palliative Care units
  • The Presidential Scholarship Program is in place for the Advanced Level students who has lost their parents from the disease

Under this, the initiative, following number of scholarships have so far been granted,

  • Anuradhapurs District 64 Students
  • Vavunia District 14 Students
  • Badulla District 33 students

This will be extended to other Districts as well in the future

  • Monthly grant of Rs.3000.O0 by the Ministry of Social Empowerment and Welfare to the patients in the 11 districts so far demarcated as CKDu Endemic Areas
  • Under this program, approximately 29000 patients will be benefited.

Provision of Housing Facilities

  • 10 houses have been constructed for the CKDu affected families with the contribution of private donors in Anuradhapura District
  • In Badulla District, 10 patients are being provided with hygienically constructed rooms for Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Approval has been granted to the cabinet paper presented by the Housing Ministry and the Presidential Task Force, for the construction of houses to low income families of kidney patients

Construction of House for Kidney Patients

Palliative Care Units are being constructed in,

  • Anuradhapura hospital (cost of project 276 million)
  • Girandurukotte hospital (cost of Project 40 million)
  • Kandy hospital (cost of Project 326 million) for the use of patients and their guardian, who has to travel long distance to the clinics/hospitals. This is solely funded by the National Kidney Fund
  • Coordination of the renovation work of Maligawatte Kidney Hospital
  • Coordination of the construction work of Kidney Hospital in Polonnaruwa- a grant by the Chinese Government