Research Activities

  • 2015.12.16 in Colombo – National Workshop on Prevention of Kidney Disease in
  • 2016.03.15 in Colombo — Conference on Exchange of Chinese Expertise. During this
    programme a State of the Art Laboratory was donated to the University of Peradeniya by the Chinese Government
  • 2016 April 26th, 27th, 28th, in Colombo — International Expert Consultative
    Conference in collaboration with the WHO Colombo Office.
  • April 4th – 8th 2016 Colombo – With the patronage of The Netherlands Government, the Dutch Risk Reduction Team, who are experts in water management, was invited to Sri Lanka, to study the ground water quality and give recommendations on possible solutions on the water management in the North Central Province.
  • 2016.08.13 in Colombo – Facilitated the National Conference on Organ Donation and
  • Coordination and Facilitation of the Local Manufacture of Haemodialysis Solution with Industrial Technology Institute and Kandy Teaching Hospital.
  • Further cooperation and coordination is being done in the activities of research
    towards finding the cause of the disease.