Early Detection of patients

Main Focus

  • Community screening for early detection
  • Provision of human resources (Specialist doctors, nurses etc.)
  • Development of infrastructure facilities
  • Provision of technical hand books and patient record books for screening clinics
  • Streamlining of screening methodology done by Ayuruvadic clinics
  • The task force has conducted 03 national level prevention programmes in the districts of Anuradhapura, Vavunia and Badulla. In parallel to them community screening programmes were conducted as follows ( as at 30.07.2016)
  • Vavunia -Target population 1000
  • Badulla – Target population 28000
  • Anuradhapura – Target population 1000
  • The results of community screening reveals aprox. 8% of positive CKD cases in the high risk areas.

The Dept. of Health is conducting screening to a target population of 500,000 every year